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Decorative Fire

It is difficult to imagine a person who is indifferentRefers to fireplaces. Of course, this detail of the interior creates a special atmosphere in the house, in the suburban area, on the summer playground! I used to dream about an ordinary fireplace, but when I saw this idea, I was overwhelmed. Beautiful - this is not the word ...

Decorative fire

Small pieces of glass that burn in the flame, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow! A real miracle ... it turns out, have recently invented such a delightful thing!

Decorative fire for the fireplace

Decorative fireplaces using glass asConsumables appeared quite recently. In 2010 such a glass began to gain popularity: designers used it for bright projects, making out places for outdoor recreation.

Decorative fire for the fireplace

Such a simple glass is made: Glass pieces are placed in a refractory container and doused with bioethanol. Thanks to a special technology, glass does not emit harmful substances into the air during combustion!

Decorative fire for the fireplace

The glass is very bright! This material is 4 times warmer than wood and other combustible materials. And, surprisingly, no smoke!

Decorative fire for the fireplace

The time spent near such an original fireplace will be insanely beautiful!

Decorative fire photo

I was fascinated by this Decorative fireplace... if you also think this idea is wonderful, show it to your friends!