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What to make of pallets

It's no secret that from Wooden pallets You can make stylish and functional furniture ... but this family went even further and implemented a very bold project!

What to make of pallets

Parquet floor made of old wooden pallets - not a fantasy, but a reality, if it is for the cause to take all together.

  1. First they got old pallets. How many could.
  2. Old wooden pallets

  3. Then they were divided into boards and sorted by size. Further there was one more important stage: it was necessary to extract all Nails.
  4. Boards from pallets

  5. The work is not easy: all members of the family took part!
  6. Conversion of wooden pallets

  7. Some helped morally ...
  8. Conversion of wooden pallets

  9. The work is done - the boards are ready for further processing.
  10. Boards from pallets

  11. Extract 9,000 nails - this is not a joke!
  12. Nails

  13. Further boards were sent to the nearest carpentry shop for grinding and thickness adjustment.
  14. Grinding boards

    Board processing

  15. The material is ready to be transported home.
  16. Board transportation

  17. Work boiled!
  18. How to lay parquet

  19. And again it was not without the most important helpers ...
  20. Parquet laying by own hands

  21. The room was filled with the wonderful aroma of fresh wood!
  22. Parquet with own hands

  23. Before the final coating with varnish the boards were once again ground.
  24. Varnish

  25. such Wood flooring Looks very impressive! Who would have thought that some time ago these were just old pallets ...
  26. Parquet flooring by one's own hands

Perhaps this is the best thing that ever happenedMade from pallets ... another proof that joint efforts directed to the right track lead to an excellent result! An excellent piece of inspiration for designer feats.

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