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Simple home manicure

These drawings on the nails look like a masterWorked on them for several hours! In fact, you can easily implement any of these ideas. Long sought a selection of stylish and very simple examples Simple design of nails, I share with pleasure what I really liked ...

Simple home manicure

  1. With the help of a small foam rubber sponge you can create a gentle pattern on the nails. The transition of colors will be smooth, looks incredibly cute!
  2. Simple manicure at home photo

  3. A combination of glossy and matte varnish of the same color looks representative. You can make droplets of different sizes, this will give the manicure a larger volume!
  4. Home manicure with your own hands

  5. Each color must completely dry before applying the next layer - that's the whole secret of such an original drawing!
  6. Home manicure photo

  7. A wide flat brush for make-up will create a unique pattern on the nails. It's easy to repeat this trick!
  8. Home manicure drawings on nails

  9. To draw flowers on nails, do not need to be an artist! Only care is needed ... here are 6 simple steps!
  10. Home manicure ideas

  11. Is fascinated by these marigolds!
  12. Home manicure for beginners

  13. With the help of a grid can create such a magnificent pattern.
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  15. Thin adhesive tape will help in creating a magical design!
  16. Home nail design nail design

  17. Transfer the picture from the newspaper or book leaf to the nail, using alcohol. Then cut the fresh drawing. Ready!
  18. Home beautiful manicure

  19. Summer ideas! You can draw kiwi on the nails ...
  20. Home manicure on short nails

  21. A ripe apple: 3 minutes - and a miracle will happen!
  22. Home manicure step by step

  23. Watermelon pattern ... can not wait to do the same!
  24. Home simple manicure

Beauty - in simplicity! You can make yourself happy all the time using these simple ideas - the nails will look original, and the forces, time and money for the manicure will be spent quite a bit. Show your friends this article, I hope they will like it too!