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String Art

The lightness of the threads and the severity of the nails - these materials, it would seem, do not fit together at all! Discovering new techniques for handmade, I fell in love with her without a memory ... String art - that's the name of my passion.

Probably everyone ever tried to doCrafts with thread. I remember how at school we glued simple drawings of threads on cardboard and eternally wrapped some bottles with threads. So, that's nothing compared to the brilliant idea of ​​creating paintings using carnations and threads!

String art photo

String art

A short video will show you how to create works in the style of string art! A miracle, a real miracle ...

Looks charming! Of course, such art requires attentiveness, diligence and painstaking calculations, but there is a plus. Even a person who can not draw at all can do this hobby!

String art master class

Hammer, nails, plywood, threads, paint, pattern pattern on paper or graph paper, sandpaper. That's all the tools you'll need to create chic creations!

String art in the interior

The cost of materials - very small, but it turns out the original work, pleasing the eye ...

String nail art

String-art-paintings Become a new trend, and you want to decorate your house with such a thing! It's good that learning this cunning business is not so difficult.

String art how to do

It is proved that needlework acts on the brainSoothing and prevents the occurrence of senile sclerosis. Another undeniable plus! If you are fascinated by this kind of creativity, show an interesting idea to your friends.