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Simple bracelets

The heart of any woman starts to beat faster when she passes by the window with the decorations ... graceful gizmos so caress the look.

A little time and minimal effort - all thatYou need to create a unique decoration that will look wonderful almost with any outfit. Seeing this idea, could not pass by: the charm, how good these bracelets are!

Simple bracelets

You will need

  • English pins (the amount depends on the thickness of the wrist)
  • beads
  • elastic


  1. Pick up the beads, which are easily threaded onPin. The main thing is to choose the right color, you can combine beads of different shades together ... start to put beads on pins, it's easy to do on a flat surface.
    Simple bead bracelets
  2. To get an original bracelet, you need to fill with beads about 90 English pins!
    Simple bracelets with your own hands
  3. Cut the elastic band by 2 and make a knot at one end of each part.
    Simple bracelets with your own hands
  4. The most interesting! Thread the elastic through the holes in the pins.
    Make simple bracelets
  5. So that the bracelet turns neat, place the pins in this way and boldly pass the rubber band.
    Beaded bracelet with own hands
  6. When the work is almost finished, try on if the bracelet is the right size for you!
    Beaded bracelet without machine
  7. Cut off the excess ends of the gum. Women's bracelet on hand Ready and flickers in its splendor!
    Beaded bracelet with beads
  8. Experimenting with the size of beads, you can achieve an impressive effect ...
    Beaded bracelet and pins with your own hands
  9. You can choose the golden pins for your masterpiece: also a great option!
    How to make a bracelet of beads and pins
  10. To make a bracelet you can use not only beads!
    Bracelet from pins and beads
  11. Beaded bracelet with own hands Can do everyone! I will convince my 8-year-old son to make me such a gift ... a great idea for classes with children!
    Pendant bracelet
  12. A brilliant addition to summer dresses!
    Bracelet from pins master class
  13. Idea for gambling needlework: a necklace of small pins and beads. great!
    Bracelet of English pins
  14. Perhaps, it is also worth doing ...
    Beadwork Photo

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