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Syringe for cream

If you have a confectionery syringe, I envy white envy! Always dreamed of having this unusually useful piece in the kitchen ... but it did not work out.

Because I could not miss such a brilliant idea: it turns out, you can make an ideal Syringe nozzle From a simple plastic cover! Happy with the result, just shine ...

Syringe for cream

You will need

  • Plastic cover
  • toothpick
  • lighter
  • scissors
  • pliers


  1. Cut the tip of the toothpick with scissors. Try on, can you hold the pliers with the pliers: you'll have to hold it over the fire!
    Hand cream syringe
  2. Heat up the lighter surface of the lid and gently start piercing it with a toothpick.
    Syringe for cream video
  3. It turns out!
    Confectionery syringe nozzle
  4. Remove the toothpick, wipe the surface of the lid with alcohol. Cut off the tip of the syringe nozzle.
    Confectionery syringe at home
  5. An unusual confectionery syringe is almost ready! Left to tighten the lid, fill the bottle with cream and start cooking experiments ..
    Cake syringe

Watch a video about how a very simple but functional thing is being done! Conquered by the ingenuity of this guy.

Show your friends how to make a syringe for a cake in a matter of minutes! I'm sure they do not know about this ... long live the delicious desserts decorated with cream!