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How to make a candle at home

I liked this idea so much that I immediatelyShowed it to her friends. Well, how can you stay indifferent: a big candle in the shape of a bottle of "Coca-Cola" captivated my imagination! Is done in two counts, and you can admire it for a very long time ...

How to make a candle at home

You will need

  • An empty bottle of "Coca-Cola"
  • 2 wax crayons (black and purple)
  • White candles
  • Coil of thread
  • toothpick
  • nut
  • soup plate
  • watering can
  • stationery knife


  1. Empty the bottle of Coca-Cola. Wax candles - my old passion! How do you want to get down to business as quickly as possible ...
  2. How to make a candle at home

  3. Break the candles, wax or paraffin wax. Put them in a bowl along with colored wax crayons.
  4. How to make a candle at home

  5. Wax crayons paint a candle in the colors of a traditional drink: the black and purple scale will look very unusual!
  6. How to make a big candle

  7. Place the candles and crayons in a bowl that can be heated in a water bath. Melt the wax on medium heat completely, slowly stirring the mass.
  8. Homemade candle wax

  9. Tie the nut to the end of the long thread.
  10. Decorative candle

  11. Tie the other end of the thread to the toothpick and place it across the neck of the plastic bottle.
  12. Decorative candle video

  13. Gently pour the melted wax into the bottle using a funnel.
  14. A candle with your own hands video

  15. It remains to wait until the wax is completely hardened! With the help of a clerical knife, release the candle from the plastic packaging ... a miracle happened!
  16. A candle in your own home

  17. You can decorate the candle with a sticker.
  18. Candle-own class master

  19. Bewitches!
  20. Candle with your hands photo

I watch this video for the third time ... it's so exciting to watch the process of creating such an original thing!

Beautiful candles Are different, but so unusual you need moresearch! I'm very glad that I saw this wonderful video. Share your magic idea with your friends - I'm sure they'll like it!