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Thin Red Line

According to the ancient Eastern legend, people who are destined for each other, will necessarily be together, because they are forever connected A red thread of fate. The thread is stretched, tangled, but not torn, and this means that two hearts will necessarily meet!

Red thread of fate

Thread is Continuity symbol, Its shade is the color of passion, love and beauty. Imagine that blood streams through the endless arteries of our body, filling every cell with life. But among the web of blood vessels there is a very special one - one that passes from the heart to the little finger, connected with the ulnar artery.

On the little finger this way of the heart does not end, but is transformed into a red thread, which leads to the heart of another person.

thin Red Line

This ancient eastern legend is extremely touching: it is impossible to hold back tears!

soul mates

Somehow the young emperor learned that in one of theProvinces of his kingdom is a witch who has the ability to see the red thread of fate and the one with whom it is connected. Of course, the emperor ordered to bring a sorceress to the palace.

When the witch came, the emperor ordered her to trace the path of the thread from his little finger and send it to the taper. The witch agreed, and the search led them to the market, to the tent of a poor peasant woman with a dirty child.

The witch said: "Here your thread ends." The old woman's words angered the ruler. Thinking that this was a joke, he furiously pushed the peasant woman with the child so that they could not restrain themselves. The child fell and severed his forehead severely. The witch was chopped off.

Years passed, the emperor decided to marry. The advisers unanimously insisted on the girl of unprecedented beauty, which would be for him the best party. The ruler agreed, but he did not see the faces of his chosen one until the day of the wedding.

When the momentous day has come, having metFuture wife, the man lifted a silk veil that completely concealed the girl's face. He was struck by her extraordinary beauty and, of course, immediately recognized the characteristic scar on her forehead ...

Some people do not believe in coincidence. And some believe that kindred souls are destined to unite, regardless of time and circumstances. And if for some reason you have not yet met your mate, do not be very upset about this, perhaps your thread is slowly shrinking.

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