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Decorative painting of walls

A little magic will never hurt! This room was boring, unremarkable, and near the door frame there were fat fingerprints ... a wonderful trick completely transformed the room. Is Decorative wall coverings - Budget and very nice option!

Decorative painting of walls of video

Decorative painting of walls

Shimmering, poured into the light, a living wall! The main rule - in any case do not mix the sparkles with the paint. Any sequins are added only to the finish mixture, which is covered with walls, for example, in lacquer.

Painted with a normal paint wall, varnishedWith sparkles, has a chic look! Nothing to superfluous words: take a look how to put it into practice ... personally I already caught fire with such an idea and I want to make a similar wall in the kitchen, right next to the dinner table. In the mornings you can admire thousands of small solar rabbits!

If you liked this bold idea, show the video to your friends! such Decorative walls in the apartment Visually increase the room, add more light and promote relaxation. You can look at them endlessly ...