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The little finger of a man

This may seem strange, but the smallest finger on the hand, especially its shape and length, can tell a lot about what kind of person you are! Little fingers on the hands Reflect the most remarkable features of your character.

Carefully look at your hand and determine what type of your little finger belongs to. I was very interested in this information! Not in vain in ancient times, some people wore a ring on the little finger ...

Little finger on the curve

Little finger of a man

  1. Little finger of normal length
    Little finger, the length of which reaches the upperPhalanx of an anonymous finger is considered the norm. People with this finger length are mature, with a well-formed character, established life principles. They very rarely change their views.
  2. Long little finger
    If your little finger is a little longer than the line thatDivides the upper and middle phalanxes of the ring finger, you are very lucky! This is a sign of a charming, charismatic personality that never gives up. Talent and diligence of such a person works miracles ... especially good when there is such a long Little finger on the right hand.
  3. Short little finger
    Owners of little pinky-shorty are very attentive and friendly! They are inherently shy, but this is not a flaw. Eloquence and the ability to build diplomatic relations - their skate.
  4. Pointed little finger
    The pointed tip of the little finger speaks of the ability to speak languages ​​and of an incredibly creative nature! More round top of the little finger - a sign of a phlegmatic, unruffled person.
  5. Curved little finger
    The curved little finger says about a person's ability to adapt quickly to change. People with such a characteristic feature are innate peacekeepers.
  6. Broad joint of little finger
    Slightly prominent in the sides, wide jointLittle finger is in people, which you can always rely on. They know a lot about the world around them, sometimes they remember their past lives and never refuse to help!

Gazed at the hands of friends, was very surprised. Check how accurate this characteristic is, and tell us about your results in the comments. It is very interesting!