/ / Lampshade for the lamp with your own hands

Lampshade for the lamp with your own hands

this Lampshade Is the strangest work that I have seen. Who just thought of sticking ping-pong balls together? But, I admit, the result is mesmerizing, because, passing through plastic balls, the light turns into a magical glow!

Just admire this beauty! It is impossible to resist the temptation to make such an original thing for decoration ...

Lampshade for lamp by own hands

You will need

  • 96 balls for ping-pong
  • Glue gun
  • LED garland
  • drill
  • Plastic round base


  1. Make lampshade for lamp Can be fast enough! Balls for playing table tennis are made of thin plastic, because it is extremely easy to handle with them. To start, drilled a hole in one ball.
  2. Lampshade for lamp by own hands

  3. Check if the LED light fits inDrilled hole! If everything is in order, drill holes with a drill in the other balls. You can take a smaller amount, it all depends on the size of the lampshade you want to create.
  4. Lampshade for lamp

  5. Glue 12 balls to each other, placing them on a plastic round base.
  6. From what to make a lamp shade for a lamp

  7. Now put a light bulb in each ball! It is a pleasure to use an adhesive gun ...
  8. Lampshade for lamp

  9. Continue to glue the balls by placing them on top of the base layer by layer.
  10. Lampshade for lamp photo

  11. Here's what happens in the end!
  12. To make a lampshade step by step photo

  13. This lamp will look stylish in any interior.
  14. Lampshade for lamp

  15. Depending on the color of the garland, the lamp is transformed ...
  16. Lampshade for the lamp to take a photo

Take a look at how such a fancy thing does the master. I think, even those who do not like handmade will cope with this task. Cool idea for a gift!

Tell your friends how to make a lamp from ping-pong balls! They will be surprised, I do not doubt.