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597 ingredients of cigarettes

You still think that cigarettes arePaper wrapped in tobacco? Should upset you. In addition to plain paper and tobacco, there are 597 ingredients in cigarettes. Some of them are added for odor, but the overwhelming majority is included in the "Cancer wands" In order to cause addiction in humans. So if you can not quit smoking, it's not just about nicotine.

Today "so simple!" Tell you a little about what is included in the cigarettes.

Ingredients of cigarettes

Ingredients of cigarettes

  1. tobacco - green leafy plant that growsIn warm climatic conditions. In the process of growing it, farmers use a large number of chemicals: soil fertilizers and insecticides for the destruction of insects that eat plants.
  2. After the collection of tobacco it is dried and special machines break the leaves into small pieces. At this stage artificial flavors and other chemicals are added to the tobacco.
  3. So that tobacco is not bitter, chemicals are added to it, which improve the taste, this allowed to attach more people to the nicotine hook.
  4. The composition of cigarettes also includes a substance thatThe composition is very similar to rocket fuel. It is used to make the cigarette burn at a very high temperature, so that nicotine is converted to steam and in this form it is easier to absorb it.
  5. ammonia Add to cigarettes so that nicotine pairs are absorbed more easily by the lungs.
  6. nickel - a carcinogen, a poison, causes problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. benzene - Used to create dyes, synthetic rubber.
  8. arsenic - used in the production of rat poisons.
  9. butane - liquefied gas, which is found in lighters.
  10. carbon monoxide - poisonous gas.
  11. cadmium - used in the manufacture of batteries and batteries.
  12. cyanide Is a deadly poison.
  13. Ddt - Deadly gas.
  14. Ethyl fructate - causes damage to the liver.
  15. lead - toxic in high doses.
  16. formaldehyde - Used for embalming and storing corpses.
  17. Methoprene - Insecticide.
  18. naphthalene - in the view does not need.
  19. Methyl isocyanate - his accidental spraying in the air killed in 1984 in India 2,000 people.
  20. polonium - radioactive element.
  21. acetone - a substance that gives a specific smell of nail polish.
  22. nicotine - a powerful poison: one of his drop, caught on the tongue, will kill the horse.
  23. Resins Are viscous, "fatty" substances that remain on the inner surface of the lungs. Because of them, the lungs turn black and you begin to cough.
  24. carbon monoxide - Poisonous carbon monoxide. The smoker inhales it in the same quantities as if he periodically breathed in a centimeter from the automobile exhaust pipe. This gas prevents us from working normally for our lungs, cardiovascular system, destroys the mucous membrane.

And this table is full of Mendeleev's manufacturers shoving us in packs of cigarettes, and we are willing to buy them. If you can not quit smoking, "so simple!" Hopes that this article will once and for all discourage you from wanting to poison yourself and those around you with cigarettes.