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How to make a plate

Taking a step deep into the forest or the garden, you realize that you are getting into another world. Plants - amazing living beings, creating around themselves an atmosphere of beauty, harmony and peace ...

A piece of nature can be immortalized by fashioning a wonderful A plate with your own hands From a large leaf of your favorite plant! To create such a miracle is really easy, reality will be better than any expectation. Try it!

How to make a plate

You will need

  • A large leaf (maple, leaf of a water lily, etc.)
  • oilcloth
  • sand
  • Clay or gypsum
  • Acrylic paint

  1. Pour the sand on the oilcloth.
    How to make a plate of gypsum
  2. Place the sheet on the sand using a substrate.
    How to make a plate of gypsum photo
  3. Mix clay or gypsum with paint and apply on a sheetThis mass. You can also use colorless clay or gypsum: then the plate will have to be painted when it is already dry. why not? You can use different colors! I love the autumn palette.
    How to make a plaster bowl
  4. Carefully press the sheet from above, so that there remains an expressive imprint on the clay.
    How to make a clay plate
  5. Let the material dry out well. From 12 to 24 hours will be enough to make the plate become solid.
    How to make a plate of clay
  6. Take off the sheet from the finished clay dish. For this you can use a soft brush or razor blade. The main thing - do not scratch the product!
    How to make a plate of clay video
  7. The original, unique plate has turned out! How good it will look grape clusters ...
    How to make a plate at home

For a long time I did not see a video that I liked so much! That's how an ordinary leaf of a garden plant turns into an expensive thing. An exciting process.

The joy that contemplating beautiful things in our lives is worth pumping up daily! Please yourself and your loved ones by creating a simple Decorative plate. I think it is not superfluous to show this inspiring video to friends!