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Pool on site

Who does not dream of a pond with fish in the yard of his house? And even better about the pool! The jack of all trades decided to kill two birds with one stone. He approached the matter seriously, having erected Decorative pond and swimming pool with your own hands. Of course, a lot has been done, but the result can be proud!

Pool on site

  1. Do not get down to business, not having before your eyes a clear work plan.
  2. Pool project

  3. Marking of territory.
  4. Pool on site

  5. Excavate Was the most time-consuming part of the project. Also it was necessary to lead the pipes correctly.
  6. Pool on site

  7. Gradually the pond became clear. Outline the boundaries of bags of land - something more than the original idea. So the master "deepened" the future reservoir, not digging it.
  8. Swimming pool with your own hands

  9. Reinforcement is necessary for such structures.
  10. Swimming pool with your own hands

  11. Everyone was looking forward to completing the construction work!
  12. Swimming pool with your own hands

  13. All surfaces were flooded with a layer of concrete, for a complete drying it took a week.
  14. Dacha

  15. Looks like a lagoon, it's a pity that without water ...
  16. Dacha

  17. at last! The pool was happy and the children ...
  18. Child in the pool

  19. ... and adults!
  20. Swimming in the pool

  21. And when evening lights are lit, the pond turns into a real oasis of relaxation.
  22. Swimming pool with your own hands

Agree, everyone would like to have such a pool in the courtyard. And the most remarkable thing is that everything is done by themselves, without the connection of professionals. Himself and the builder, and the designer!

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