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House in the cave

We all need a special place where you can at least occasionally be alone with yourself and your thoughts. Angelo Mastropietro built such a place right in the rock!

Cave house

  1. Because of illness, Angelo decided to quit nervous work and realized his old dream of a cozy home away from civilization.
    Cave house photo
  2. The first time a man saw a cave during a bike trip, and in 2010 he found an announcement about its sale. Not a drop did not hesitate, he made the most unusual acquisition in his life.
    How to build a beautiful cave house
  3. Together with the best friend he built Own house In a cave whose age is more than 200 million years.
    How to build a beautiful cave house
  4. The wall of Angelo decided to paint white, this is predictable, because there are not many windows in his house.
    Building a cave house
  5. Also the man planned to put a bathroom in the house, but it would be impractical, since it would take a lot of water to heat up. Later he made a shower here.
    Cave house photo
  6. Wooden furniture fits perfectly into the interior of the cave!
    Cave house photo

    Cave house photo
  7. Cave house photo

Such actions suggest that you need to listen more to your own "I" and treat life more consciously. Because work is not the goal of life, but only a means.

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