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Desktop with your own hands

Needlewomen - people are resourceful, because every shred,Ribbon, somewhere you can adapt! But in time all these "treasures" become so much that the situation is out of control and the fan of the handmade simply is not able to find the right thing ...

Mess on the desktop

Order special furniture for the organization Corner of the needlewoman It will be too expensive, but loving husband can do it with his own hands quite by force!

Desktop with your own hands

Husband Vicki Williams, an inveterate needlewoman, decided to prepare a surprise for his wife (and at the same time to ensure order in the house) and equipped her with an excellent workplace From ... bookshelves!

  1. Three book shelves with many shelves - this is what he needed for work.
  2. Table from bookshelves

  3. Making preliminary measurements, the man installed them at the right distance from the wall and secured with boards and screws.
  4. Table from bookshelves

  5. Next he installed another section of the structure.
  6. Table from bookshelves

  7. From above the master placed the countertop.
  8. Table from bookshelves

  9. A spacious and comfortable workplace is ready! Even 2 people will fit ...
  10. Table from bookshelves

I already imagine how comfortable it is to work at such a table ... any craftsman will appreciate it!

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