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Character test

At the first meeting with a person we most often look at his face, clothes, shoes, look into the eyes, trying to guess his intentions ... but the experts Palmistry Advise to pay more attention to the hands of the interlocutor!

Thumb Can tell a lot about a person: on the strength of will, the main character traits and personal qualities. Look at your thumb. Which option is more suitable for you?

Character test


  1. Option a
    The second phalanx of the finger is longer than the first. This ratio of phalanges indicates that the owner of the finger is a reliable person, trustworthy. Owners of such fingers are very observant and look at things objectively.

    Thoughtful and judicious, these people do everythingWithout fuss and do not build air locks. They do not tolerate the long-term pressure exerted from the side and attach great importance to their spiritual comfort.

  2. Option in
    The first and second phalanges are approximately the same. These people prefer to act according to a pre-planned plan, only in this case they feel comfortable and calm.

    Emotions and feelings they keep locked up and do not allow themselves to live one day, and also have a flexible mind and curiosity. They are multifaceted natures and excellent interlocutors!

  3. Option with
    The first phalanx is longer than the second. These people - incorrigible romance and subtle, amorous nature ... with such a person do not get bored, because for the sake of the second half, he is ready for anything!

Quick test - and you have already opened the veil of secrecy over the nature of the interlocutor! You just have to look at his hands ...

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