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Carpet of stones

How did I like to bring home sea pebbles,Collected on the beach! In childhood it was one of the most favorite entertainments - to find the most beautiful, save, bring to the house and spend hours designing various patterns of shells and stones on the floor ...

Mat of stones with your own hands - a simple, but original thing that everyone can do. So looks good, I can not hold back delight! I want to make such a carpet in the hallway, especially for wet shoes that are wet during the rain.

Mat of stones

  1. To create a rug you need only a rubber base, stones and glue!
    Mat of stones with your own hands
  2. Another brilliant idea is to make such wonderful tableware from the pebbles.
    Mat of stones
  3. That's what original pots for plants are obtained, if you include fantasy! To glue stones and shells with a box of chips, why not?
    Rug made of stones
  4. A mat in the shape of a semicircle - an ideal option for my corridor ... I'll take note!
    Carpet of river stones
  5. That's what Massage mat for children It turns out if you find stones of the appropriate shape and size. beauty! Everyone knows how expensive orthopedic mats are, but few people think of the idea of ​​making such a thing with their own hands ...
    Carpet of stones
  6. Stand under the kettle! It's gorgeous ...
    Massage mat of stones

These vivid ideas won me over! Now I'm sure I will not forget to collect suitable pebbles and shells when I'm at sea ... show this charm to your friends, share their inspiration with them, tell them how to decorate your life!