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Easy home manicure

That's what a manicure of the future looks like! Finally come true dream of women who can not stand on their own to paint their nails, because they do not know how ... when you see how it works, you will definitely want such a thing!

Home manicure with your own hands

Easy home manicure

You just need to apply a transparent base on the nails, then - spray, again the base for fixing and wash your hands with ordinary soapy water.

that's all! A varnish in an aerosol can - as in a fantastic film, and I did not have such an invention all my life!

Home manicure photo

Here's how to do it Manicure is easy and beautiful. No stains on the skin, unevenly painted nails, no problems with the long drying of the varnish ... a dream!

I can not wait for such comfortable cans to completely replace the usual nail polish! Tell us in the comments, did you like this incredible idea.