/ How to remove fat from the stomach and sides

How to remove fat from the stomach and sides

An important event is planned, and the prepared outfit sits not as we would like? And the stomach is already drawn in to the maximum, but no, the lightning does not converge ... but you want to look impressive!

How to get into a dress

"so simple!" Knows how to remove a couple of extra inches from the waist and Get into your favorite dress, If there are 2-3 days left before the holiday.

How to get into a dress

How to remove fat from the stomach and sides

As you know, fat - the substance is fairly stable, but if you approach the issue in a complex way, then you can say goodbye to wrinkles on your stomach and sides in such a short time.

How to get into a dress

  1. Unloading
    The first day of three-day weight loss is dedicated to cleaning and unloading. 1.5 liters of kefir fat content of 1% - all that will have to be limited today. If you are very hungry, eat a couple Sour apples. The next 2 days try to stick to the protein diet.

    Drink water in moderation. To avoid edema, give up coffee. By the way, this rule extends to the next days of weight loss, because coffee leads to a fluid retention in the body.

    Unloading day on kefir

  2. Sauna or steam room
    That's what will help to melt the fat! Before the first entry into the sodium steam bath, a dry body Honey with salt. Then suck about 5 minutes.

    After you leave the steam room, neither in the shower, nor in theCold pool do not run, and wrap yourself in a robe and continue to sweat. After 10 minutes, take a warm shower, rub the body with a towel dry. All excess fluid and toxins will come out with sweat.

    Slimming in the bath

  3. Anticellulite massage
    Without much difficulty and for the benefit of harmony at home, you can conduct the procedure of apple anti-cellulite massage. Surprisingly, but the usual apple gives an incredible shaping effect!
  4. exercises
    With the help of exercises and for 3 days you can achieveResults. It's great if you have a gymnastic circle at home: having given yourself 5-10 minutes while watching the evening telecasts, you will noticeably strengthen the muscular corset.

    Lateral slopes with stretching is also excellent"Make" the waist. Do not be lazy, perform slopes 3 times per day 20 times in each direction. To motivate yourself, hang up in a prominent place that cherished outfit, in which you will shine at the upcoming event.

    Exercises for the waist

  5. Pulling underwear
    The fastest and cunning way to noticeably lose weight inExtremely short terms - put on corrective underwear. Thanks to the pulling body with shorts and corset, you can turn into a nymph in a matter of minutes! This underwear hides literally all the shortcomings: tightens the tummy, forms a waist and a beautiful line of thighs. In general, a miracle.
    Pulling underwear

By the way, judging by these photos, it is with the help of pulling linen that the stars look perfect in any outfit ...

Stars in the pulling underwear

Hooray! As a result of the work done, the figure has significantly changed, the silhouette has become slimmer, and the harmful lightning has been fastened. Now a confident step and in a good mood you can go to the party.

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