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Lacquer coating at home

You specifically set aside time to Do a manicure yourself, Has carried out all manipulations with one hand and has already made up the nails on it. But here comes the time when you need to switch to another hand ...

How to make beautiful manicure

Here then the problems begin! Trembling of the hands, unsure strokes and the lack of brushing ... as a result, the manicure looks sloppy and far from the expected result, and the mood is finally spoiled (of course, if there is not a piece of chocolate nearby). Is this situation familiar?

Varnish coating at home

"so simple!" Teach you Ideal to cover nails with varnish Without the help of a master. Nothing qualitative is done instantly, so in advance, allocate time for the procedure, and use the video below as a guide.

You will be able to make a home manicure at times more accurately, more qualitatively and save considerably on visiting the salon!

Be sure to tell your friends about these tricks. By the way, how do you like the idea - to arrange a manicure hen party ?!