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Fate in the palm of your hand

Since ancient times people have tried to predict their fate on the hand and find out, What are the lines on the palm. On our palms are classified different figures that have a certain value. Except for triangles, stars and rhombuses, there are other forms, such as the trident, the crescent, the fish and the cross.

Look carefully at your palm. what do you see?

Chiromancy or fate in the palm of your hand

Fate in the palm of your hand

  1. triangle
    On your palm a triangle? Then you have a mega-talent! A triangle of any size indicates the presence of special talent. And the larger the triangle, the more chances you have to become a very respected person in society.
  2. star
    If on your palm the form of a star flaunts,Which consists of the intersection of small lines, you are the possessor of powerful and specific abilities. The position of the star at the top of the line of life under the forefinger speaks of you as a man of great mental ability, devoted to science, philosophy or religion.
  3. rhombus
    Line of fate in the palm of your hand Forms one of the faces of the rhombus, this indicatesUnrestrained spirit of adventurism and the desire to know the unknown. Such people are distinguished by incredible courage and even recklessness. Do you see a diamond in your house? Then you are a researcher who likes to take risks. But we know that risk is a noble cause!
  4. a fish
    This form is very similar to a rhombus. However, the feature lurks in a triangle below the basic shape, which is similar to the tail of a fish. A person who finds this symbol of his own, is very religious.
  5. crescent
    If you have 2 lines that areIntersection form a sickle or crescent, you literally can predict the future. Your intuition is so strong that your loved ones often turned to you for advice. Do you recognize yourself?
  6. trident
    Line of life in the palm of your hand Is divided into three parts, forming a trident: you are literally the possessor of divine protection and nothing can hurt you.
  7. cross
    This symbol shows that man is spiritual, but is not inclined to explore the limits of the human spirit. It is more of a person who has some specific spiritual knowledge.

Now, having solved the secrets of your destiny, you can predict the fate of your friends. You just have to look closely and you will open all the secrets!