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Exercising for hands

Todd Derkin, author of the book "shock plan for the body,Reminds me of a sculptor. With the help of his advice you can make beautiful even a weak and completely untrained body! Of course, for a miraculous transformation efforts are required. The book presents Training program, Designed for 10 weeks. The well-known coach provides recommendations for improving not only the body but also the soul.

The training we offer is an effectiveMethod to work on the form of hands so that they become embossed, strong and beautiful. It is wrong to think that you need to watch the hands only for men. Hands of beautiful shape make a woman incredibly sexy! To carry out this complex, you will need additional shells, it is best to practice this program in the hall. Hands will be pumped all the way!

Training for hands

  1. Bend forward from the hip, put your right hand onBench. In the left hand take a dumbbell, turn the palm away from yourself. Raise your left arm, bending it at the elbow, to the level of the chest. Hold the elbow at an angle of 45 degrees. Start training, working with light weight. Gradually increase it, using more heavy dumbbells. Do 10 repetitions for each hand.
  2. Exercise for hands for women

  3. Stand straight, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Firmly grasp the handles of the projectile, holding your thumbs up and palms in the direction away from you. Do the thrust with each hand in turn, trying to pull the projectile as close as possible to the body. Do 10 repetitions for each hand.
  4. Exercise for hands for women

  5. Hold hands with both hands, lift the bentIn the elbows of the arms up. Lower the two hands simultaneously and raise them to the starting position so that the half-bent arms are at the top of the crown. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  6. Exercise for hands for women

  7. Classic push-ups - that will make beautiful not only hands, but alsoShoulders, back and bottom press. Remember that during pushups you need to monitor the position of the hips - the back and thighs should form one straight line. Start with 15 push-ups, gradually increasing their number to 30.
  8. Exercise for hands for women

  9. Make an emphasis with both hands on the stand. Crouch on a half-bent leg, the second while keeping straight. Make sure that your back is straight. Perform 10 sit-ups on each leg.
  10. Exercise for hands for women

  11. Put one foot forward, nuzzle itBent arm. Lean forward. Hold the dumbbell firmly with your other hand. Perform bending movements with your hand with a dumbbell to the chest level and back behind the thigh. This exercise perfectly trains the triceps.
  12. Exercise for hands for women

  13. Holding his hands straight, stretched out in front of him,Bend them with effort towards the head and back. Make sure that the rubber band of the projectile is well stretched. Keep the leg in the rubber band in one position and do not move it. Repeat 15 times.
  14. Exercise for hands for women

  15. Alternately raise your hands with tightly clamped dumbbells. In no case do not move the brush, do not turn it out. Do 15 repetitions for each hand.
  16. Exercise for hands for women

  17. With each hand in turn perform 15 elastic bands. Fixing hand, too, keep in suspense. Make sure that the hand that carries out the effort does not fall down.
  18. Exercise for hands for women

Training will be even more intense if youStrain the muscles of the press during the execution of almost every exercise. When the minimum amount of subcutaneous fat is concentrated on the hands, but there are relief muscles, their shape is striking in its beauty and attractiveness.

You can wear deep cuts, neckline, sleeveless dresses and sarafans without any embarrassment: bare hands will look chic. For the sake of this effect it is worth training!

With the help of these exercises you will achieve Ideal shape of hands. Show your friends how it's done!