/ / How to properly pump the buttocks

How to properly pump the buttocks

What woman does not dream of an elastic, round,Seductive pope! Developers of fitness programs with might and main try to please the weaker sex and already concocted a lot of various exercises to work out the fifth point. But how to choose from this diversity really Effective complex for buttocks?

How to properly pump the buttocks

How to properly pump the buttocks

Specialists from the University of North Carolina at the Chapel Hill and the University of Wisconsin in the la-cross shared the results of their research in the field of Biomechanics With experts equinox (a network of fitness clubs of a class premium in America).

How to properly pump the buttocks

Those in turn gathered the already well-knownExercises, the most effective of them, grouped them and slightly complicated. The result is training, which for a month will lift and strengthen your buttocks: they will be like from a picture!

The complex includes 4 pairs of exercises

  1. Bridge from the floor with a leg in the knee + side impact.
  2. Side attacks + lifting on the curb.
  3. Side lath with a leg lift + side swings with a weighting agent.
  4. Sessile on one leg (10-12 repetitions per foot) + swing with weighting agent.

Training is quite intense: every exercise should be done 10-12 times with a 30-second rest between pairs. The number of approaches is ideally 3, but take into account your primary physical form.

Watch an impressive video with this complex: it can not help but motivate!

Now dreams of a round pop will become a reality, of course, if you get off the couch. Share the article with your friends: joint training is much more effective!