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Reconstruction of an old house

A house in York (the state of retirement) was built in1887 in the architectural style of the Queen Anne era. This romantic style differs from the others in a large number of small architectural details, it is characterized by decorative finishes and large verandas.

For many years the unique house was empty and destroyed. The decorative elements of the facade disappeared under a layer of dust and dirt.

The new owners of the house saw in it a huge potential and took up his Repair and reconstruction. As a result, a house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms has found a second life.

Reconstruction of an old house

  1. In this dilapidated state was this house, when it was acquired by the new owners. Residents of the neighborhood considered the building unsuitable for life, until it began Reconstruction of a private house.
    Reconstruction of the house before and after
  2. Fortunately, there were people who, under a layer of mud, could see the beauty of this building.
    Reconstruction of the house where to begin
  3. Today in this handsome man it is very difficult to know the dusty and neglected structure.
    Reconstruction of a house in the village
  4. Repair of building facade Took a long time, but the new owners tried to accurately restore the colors inherent in this architectural style: terracotta, olive and gold.
    Historical reconstruction at home
  5. The owners carried out thorough restoration inside the house.
    Reconstruction of a wooden house
  6. Now it looks more than suitable for housing.
    Reconstruction of a wooden house with your own hands
  7. Floors are made of five types of wood, and the restored windows allow enough light to illuminate all the rooms.
    Reconstruction of an apartment house
  8. In every room, all the small details that convey the spirit of the era are reconstructed.
    Reconstruction of a country house
  9. The interior of the rooms is unique and made in different colors.
    Reconstruction of an old country house
  10. The kitchen impresses with its originality. Despite the ancient design, this room is equipped with the latest technology.
    Reconstruction of an individual house
  11. An ancient stove gives the living room a peculiar color.
    Reconstruction of a brick house
  12. Each bedroom has a unique decor and charm.
    Reconstruction of the roof of the house
  13. The attic of the house is used as a home cabinet.
    Reconstruction of the house with an attic

By the way, this house is now used as a guest house. A wonderful place to escape from a big city!

It simply amazes how much the house can be transformed if there are inspired people who believe in beauty and can see the beauty under the layers of centuries-old dust.