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Decor of stairs

After buying a new house Filippa branem wanted to give him a special personality and charm. The woman thought for a long time about how to tidy up the old staircase and make it special Interior element.

The idea of ​​turning Wooden staircase In the pile of huge books fell in love with Filippe. For decorating, she chose her husband's favorite books.

Stair decoration

  1. As a woman admits, it was difficult to translate this idea, because there were no detailed instructions. But the desire to create Fantastic interior Was stronger. As a result, the Philippi transformed 13 steps of the stairs into the roots of favorite books.
    Interior stairs in a private house
  2. Before starting to work, Filippa thought through all the little things, so that the embodiment of the idea did not fly into a pretty penny. In addition, it was necessary to purchase safe for household materials.
    Interior stairs to the second floor
  3. Matte and glossy emulsion paints formed the basis of future books.
    Interior of a wooden staircase
  4. But the heaviest was the application of text and patterns, because it was necessary to copy exactly the roots of the original publications. But the result was worth the effort!
    Interior stairs in the house
  5. This original The idea of ​​design Is gaining popularity among book lovers.
    Interior and design of stairs
  6. In addition, the decor of the staircase in this style makes the house original and cozy.
    Decor of the stairs in the house
  7. Do not be upset if you can not draw, because copies of the roots of your favorite books can be printed on a special film.
    Decor of stairs in a private house

Show creativity and a little zeal, and "so simple!" Will prompt simple and original ideas for creating an interior.