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Tubes made of tires

If you do not know what to do with the old Car tires, Do not rush to get rid of them. Having shown imagination and a little effort, many interesting and original handicrafts can be made from this subject.

Old tires Well suited for the improvement of the territory of a country house or villa. This versatile object can be used as an element of flower beds decoration, or as a flower bed itself.

Flowerbeds of tires

"so simple!" Offers to be inspired by original ideas, which can be implemented without special efforts.

  1. From the tires are very beautiful and original vases.
    Flower beds from tires
  2. Following simple and understandable instructions, you can make this piece of furniture yourself.
    Beds of tires instructions
  3. You can choose the color and concept of the vase from the tire to your taste.
    Flower beds in the form of cups
  4. this Decor element Ideal for your home or villa.
    Beds from tires
  5. Flowerbeds of tires can become the hallmark of your home.
    Flower beds from automobile tires
  6. If you can not make an elegant vase yourself, you can simply paint the tires in different colors - they will look great as a flower bed.
    How to make flower beds from car tires

I do not even believe how much the dacha or house can be transformed if it shows zeal, creativity and inspiration.

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