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Crafts from tires

Twice a year we change car tires. Most simply throw out the old rubber, without even thinking that it can serve as a material for creating bright and practical things.

Before you send tires to the trash, take a look at the original reuse ideas Automotive rubber.

Crafts from tires

  1. Framing mirrors with tires. The mirror can be adjusted to the desired size. For this you will need a glass cutter.
    Mirror frame
  2. Your pets will be grateful for thissleeping area. Paint the old tire with aerosol paint and put the pillow inside. Make sure that the paint is harmless in case your pet wants to gnaw rubber.
    A lounger for a dog
  3. What kind of child does not dream about a swing? A step closer to the dream.
    Swing from the tire
  4. It's easier! Cut the tires with aerosol paint, put one on top of the other and glue, place the table top on top - the new table is ready!
    Tire table
  5. These hanging flower beds are not just hanging out on the tree! Behind them you can hide from envious neighbors.
    Flower bed of tires
  6. Large and comfortable seats.
    Chairs from tires
  7. Colorful table for parties. There is no limit to fantasy!
    Tire table
  8. A flower bed with ladybirds and butterflies will attract everyone's attention.
    Bed of tires
  9. This is the idea of ​​a carnival costume for craftsmen and those who have enough time.
    Carnival costume
  10. So the tire can look richly, if you cover it with an incredible amount of gold paint.
    Tire decor
  11. Classics of the genre: a swing on the tree.
    Swing on the tree
  12. After several years of collecting you can collect the material and the ladder.
    Ladder of tires
  13. To create a sandbox, a tractor tire is perfect.
    Sandbox from the tire
  14. This invention must be in every home! The tire edge gives a great advantage, as it does not allow water to drip onto the floor.
    Lifhook from the tire
  15. Flower beds for plants.
    Flowerbeds of tires
  16. A coffee table for car lovers.
    Coffee table from the tire
  17. Car tires perfectly complement the interior design! They are perfectly combined with lamps and laces.
  18. Parade of animals from rubber. It will surprise not only children!
  19. original A table for a country house.
  20. Favorites of all children and cinephiles: minions. Place these handsome men in your garden.
  21. Stool with flower bed. Wind the rope on the tire, insert the bottom and attach the legs.
    Stool with flower bed
  22. Comfortable chair for the living room.
    Chair for living room
  23. For such a climbing, the tires must be carefully fixed.
    Crafts from tires
  24. Built-in bus sound system.
    Sound system from the bus
  25. Circles from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" are now in your garden.
    Bed of tires

With so many original ideas, it would beWasteful waste of used tires, especially when processing costs money. Show others what can be done from unnecessary things and materials.

Surprise the neighbors, transform the yard together. Your friends probably have a couple of old tires, share these ideas with them!