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The myth of the naturalness of products

Today, companies earn millions ofProducts they call environmentally friendly. But in fact, all the products that we use, to some extent contain chemicals. For example, bananas contain them even more than in some sweets. Studies also show that it is the amount of chemicals, and not just their availability, that often causes health problems.

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"Everything around us consists of chemicals - from the water we drink to the air we breathe", - say videoblogers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.

In fact, water is a chemical compound. In any product there are chemicals. But even if some of them are harmless, then in large quantities they can be dangerous to human health.

Yoghurt with blueberries

For example, apple seeds are about the sameToxic as thiopental sodium, which is used in lethal injections, both of these chemicals becoming toxic only at a dosage of about 1,000 mg per kilogram. But apples do not lead to death, because they contain a very small dose of a chemical.

Practically everything that surrounds us becomes a poison in large doses.

As an example, you can bring melons and corn. These products were strongly modified by man, before they looked completely different, so they can not be called natural in the traditional sense of the word.

This does not mean that they can not be eaten and that they are dangerous to health, it just says that you can not separate food only into chemical and natural foods.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown summarize that Products without chemicals - this is just a myth. So do not follow the tricks of marketers when they try to assure that some product is the most natural and harmless.

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