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Many dream of Wooden house in the forest On the picturesque bank of the river ... for some it is still a dream, and others are doing everything possible to implement it.

It's clear that not everyone has the means to buy a plot of land and build a house on it. House on wheels - an excellent alternative solution for this situation. And it's not about a tiny stuffy van, but about a full house!

House on wheels inside


Just look how it can be arranged inside this miracle on wheels ... quality cladding, solid wooden furniture, Everything is thought through to the smallest detail!

House on wheels inside

This compact kitchen is just created toHer to compose culinary masterpieces! Some may object, they say, an ordinary plastic lining, covered with paint ... nothing like this: everything is done according to the highest order.

House on wheels inside

Great after all with the start of the holiday with the whole familyGo to travel! Today you spend the night under the rustle of trees in the forest, and tomorrow - under the lulling sound of the surf ... and all this with comfort. Life in such an incredible house will certainly turn into a continuous adventure.

Look at the video with a selection of images of small houses on wheels, which allow and on the trip to enjoy the comfort of home.

Do you think you could live in such a house? I would, for example, with pleasure! Share with "so simple!" Their opinion.