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Mosaic from eggshell

Delights Decor of eggshell In its accessibility. Not having special skills, you can achieve great results. From this, it would seem, banal material, these are masterpieces!

Egg shell mosaic

Lay out a mosaic - the work is pretty painstaking, but a beginner can make it easier by engaging Decoupage on the eggshell.

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The technology is simple: On the fat-free workpiece, apply the glue of the masonry, lay out the shell, attach a piece of napkin (or kiss) on top, press it so that the relief appears, allow it to dry out. With the shell pre-removed the film.

Look what happens in the end!

  1. Such a decor will give a new life Old plates and saucers.
  2. Cup holder - a thing useful, and with a decor from a shell also beautiful!
  3. For registration Provencal style kitchens.
  4. The effect "under the old days" - looks great!
  5. A plate decorated with own hands is a perfect gift.
  6. Decorate the eggshell can be completely different objects.
  7. Children will also be interested in this occupation, it develops assiduity, fine motor skills and artistic taste.
  8. Spectacular Bottle decoration In the African style.
  9. And this is directly mosaic, when the shell is painted beforehand, and only then the picture is laid out of it.
  10. In this remarkable work, various materials are effectively combined: shells, beads, glass beads and natural stones.

Of course, this painstaking activity requires some effort and patience, but the result is worth the time: ready-made work is amazing!

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