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Secrets of Family Happiness

The essence of male and female nature is easy to explain onSuch an illustrative example. For the woman process and pleasure from process is important. Even if the result is so-so, she does not care. The process itself gives the female nature joy! The man is aimed at the result, always.

Man is not very simple: Except what we do on a conscious level, there is still a layer of the unconscious, and often it begins to guide our lives. We sincerely want to be happy in marriage or relationships and like we do everything for this ... but it does not turn out very well.

This article can cause indignation in many women who do not want to change themselves. But if you want to know the authentic Secret of successful relations - Read the article necessarily. I hope this will make you happier and happier with your life!

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Secrets of Family Happiness

Harmonious relations can only occur withHarmonious personality! If a woman has a high self-esteem, if she is satisfied with herself, she has a sense of self-worth - next to it simply can not be a worthless person! She will not allow this.

Do you know many examples of such women? Yes, in fact something quite different is happening. Something that is embarrassing to confess even to myself!

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A woman who is dissatisfied with herself most often

  1. Perceives a man as a crutch, which you can rely on, and not as a full-fledged person.
  2. Provokes a man for quarrels, unworthy deeds and treason, because she is unconsciously sure that she did not deserve happiness.
  3. He does not understand what he wants, therefore he is completely devoted to the embodiment of the dreams of his man, and this, too, does not really develop.
  4. Do not hesitate to use your beloved man as a psychotherapist.
  5. Becomes a faceless sticky, from which it is impossible to get rid of.
  6. Controls every movement of a man, because he is terribly afraid of losing him.
  7. Proves to everyone around its independence, because it does not build close relations.
  8. Does not respect a man by his side and reshapes him in his own way, not taking into account his needs.
  9. Grabs the one who is given, holds on to him with all his might, just to not be left alone.
  10. Closing his eyes to the emerging problems, just not to destroy the relationship.
  11. Keeps those who should not be kept. (What is the term - To keep a man?! This is not a flag ...)
  12. Has a bad attitude towards himself, sometimes even beatings.
  13. Hopes that the man next to her will make her, so unhappy, happy.
  14. Can not long be alone, alone with himself.
  15. Panically afraid to get fat, to grow old, otherwise he will leave her at once! Makes injections of botox, plastic surgery.
  16. Waiting for love from without, not finding it within yourself.

Successful relations between men and women

Successful relations Will arise only if you discover the innerSource of love. Because if the soul is quiet, calm and good, then ask for help - it's easy, it's easy to say a good word, it's easy to let go fishing too.

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So it is very important for a woman to choose whatWill bring her joy, something that she will do with pleasure. Think first of all about your needs, deep, inner! More often to be alone, allow yourself to give yourself up to any business completely, whether it's cooking or training in the gym. Think about how nice it is to do, and not about what will happen as a result.

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Learn yourself better, pay attention to yourself! Happy family relationships Resemble the cultivation of vegetables. First, a fertile soil needs to be prepared - if seeds are to be poured in, then even with minimal maintenance they will yield a rich harvest.

If you immediately sow, not preparing the soil, thenHarvest will not. Even if you apply inhuman efforts for his cultivation! Nothing will help, because the soil was not fertile. You are just wasting your time and effort, you will get a lot of negative experience and will lose faith in the fact that a good harvest is possible in principle.

Secrets of a Happy Marriage

The more interesting you are with yourself, the more interesting it is for others to be around! Take care of yourself, and you will see that the loved one will take care of you like never before, respect you and help in everything.

If you thought the thoughts expressed in this article seemed interesting, be sure to show it to your close friends! I wish you happiness every day, every second.