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Pattern dress with a whole-sleeve sleeve

It is difficult enough in the xxi century to surprise someone with a new original outfit. But, as you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old, and popularity Retro style In clothes that confirmation.

Retro dress pattern

My mother is a passionate needlewoman and since her youth has been engaged in sewing. Reviewing the fashion magazines that she kept, in the French edition of "100 Ideas", dated December 1974, I came across Model of charming dress. Immediately caught on the idea of ​​sewing yourself the same!

Retro dress pattern

Simple in cut and execution, this dress is still relevant, and the kimono sleeves give it a special charm!

Pattern dress with a one-piece sleeve

Such a dress can be worn in both warm and cold seasons: it all depends on the choice Fabrics. For the summer version is suitable for light cotton or linen, and a warmer model can be sewn from knitwear or costume fabric ...

Fabrics for retro dresses

Dress pattern It is accessible even for those who areFrench is not familiar. For a size 38-40 (this is our 44-46) we need a length of fabric 2 meters long. To increase the dress by the size, you need to add 1.5 centimeters along the contour.

Fabrics for retro dresses

Silhouette is modeled thanks to Fold tucks, Coming from the chest. They also need to sew a wide belt.

Fabrics for retro dresses

Having beaten a retro pattern using modernFabrics and accessories, you can get a refined style of the past in a modern interpretation. Tailoring the dress took exactly evening, and the result was satisfied, and I, and my mother!

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