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Sculptures from gypsum

We often look for the opportunity to preserve the best moments of our family life, especially the time when the children are still young, and we are young.

For you we have found one wonderful waySave a piece of time: creativity with gypsum bandages! It is difficult to call it an artifact, as in fact we get a delightful volumetric print in the form Gypsum sculptures - Impressions of hands, legs or even tummy in anticipation of a newborn. You can choose any items for mold casting.

Using ordinary gypsum and bandages, you can create a real masterpiece!

Sculpture from plaster by own hands

Sculptures from plaster

You will need

  • Samples for volumetric impressions (can be found on the Internet) and mold for casting sculptures
  • Film (food or other, well enveloped objects)
  • Medical bandages or gauze
  • Bucket or any capacious capacity
  • Gypsum powder with instructions for use
  • Hard brush, tweezers


  1. Gypsum mixture Should be high-quality! Before you mix gypsum, read the instructions and prepare the workplace. The table surface was covered with a film.
  2. Think through and study the camera angle to create the desired impression. You can use ready-made ideas or come up with your own position for mold casting.
    Sculpture from plaster by own hands

    Dry gypsum mixture Can be any color. In stores are brands of different manufacturers, choose a color to your liking. If you want to create an imitation of this sculpture, a gray color will suit you well.
  3. In advance, flush the gypsum powder according to the instructions. A ready-made form for the impression is placed in the workplace. Cover it neatly with a gauze or bandage and fill it with a plaster mass.
    Sculpture from plaster by own hands

    If it is hands or other parts of the body - they should remain motionless until the gypsum material solidifies.
  4. After hardening of gypsum bandages, gently release the form. If it's hands - take each one apart so as not to break the form of the impression.
    Sculpture from plaster by own hands
  5. At this stage the impression from the plaster bandages remains hollow and therefore fill it with the remaining mass and leave it until the sculpture has completely solidified.
  6. Remove carefully bandages with tweezers andCorrect if necessary the shape of the sculpture with a hard brush. Gypsum is a very fragile and pliable material, you can easily change its contours.

Look how simple it all is.

Our sculpture is ready! A great occasion to spend time together for an interesting occupation and decorate the home interior.

Sculpture from plaster by own hands

Blimey! The most valuable cast ...

Sculpture from plaster by own hands

Sculpture from plaster by own hands


Sculpture from plaster by own hands

Sculpture from plaster by own hands

Sculpture from plaster by own hands

For a long time I so did not admire a handmade! Home artwork ... share with your loved ones this creative idea, they should like it!