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The colors of the signs of the zodiac

I never liked the green walls. I remember how uncomfortable I felt in the classroom at the chemistry class: I injected a poisonous shade of stucco into a state of stupor, after 15 minutes after the beginning of the class I did not want to do anything at all! As it turned out, this is not just a childish whim. from Color scheme of the room His atmosphere changes, mood changes ...

Every sign of the zodiac is very special. You will be surprised, but The color of the interior in the house Significantly affects the well-being and perception of the world! Pick up the paint you need responsibly. Specially for you - color solutions for the interior, matched by date of birth.

Colors of the signs of the zodiac

  1. Aries - pink
    Many consider pink color infantile, frivolous. But the stars indicate its exclusivity! Warmth, comfort, brightness - all this is about pink shades.

    For dynamic, sociable rams, this color will be a salvation from gray in any manifestations, warm and support. Also rams will be pleased to be in the interior of orange and gold tones.

    Colors in the interior of the apartment

  2. Taurus - black
    Stubbornness of calves is a favorite topic for conversation. In fact, these bold and resolute people simply have their clear life position, which they will defend until the last!

    Black interior is ideal for the housing of the calf, at least in the living room you can afford this luxury. Brown and beige will help balance the irascible character of individual representatives of the sign.

    Colors in the interior of the apartment

  3. Twins - yellow
    Wall color in the interior Especially important for twins! Changeable, enticing, these people do not know rest ... solar colors are ideal for twins, active and energetic. Blue, heavenly shades are also acceptable. The twin will be comfortable in such a house always!
    Colors in the interior photo
  4. Cancer - light blue
    Cancers by right can be considered as inveterateHousewives, and a soothing range of blue flowers is perfect for them. Attractive colors of blue, gently lilac, blue - exactly what the soul of cancer is asking for.
    Favorable colors of the signs of the zodiac
  5. Lion - purple
    It seems, the lion can inspire anyone, infect with his love of life and the royal mood. Purple color will help create a sublime atmosphere in the house, which is so necessary for the lion!
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  6. Virgo - cream
    Cream, cream, beige shades will help the virginFeel safe, in your world, where everything happens as it should. All light shades will heal the maid, give her peace peace, nourish with power!
    Colors by the signs of the zodiac
  7. Scales - green
    Green is the color of harmony. How it sometimes needs weights! Emerald hues, the colors of young grass, the color of juicy wet greens ... walls and furniture in such tones will change the life of the scales for the better.
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  8. Scorpion - red
    Scorpions - people with developed intuition, sensual, passionate. They are very good in the interior of red and even crimson shades! Orange and black will also create a favorable atmosphere for scorpions.
    Colors in the interior
  9. Sagittarius - chocolate
    This color definitely will not leave the archer unconcerned! Chocolate-brown shades contribute to the philosophical mood, which is so often subject to archers. Also these restless dreamers will be approached by blue and green colors in the room where they often spend time.
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  10. Capricorn - gray
    Neutral shades help the goats to becomeStronger, to be collected and disciplined! Inclusions of blue are also allowed. Capricorns love everything that is good, it's worth paying attention to, choosing furniture and decorative elements of the interior.
    Colors by the signs of the zodiac
  11. Aquarius - orange
    Citrus color emphasizes originalityAquarius personality and create a sense of celebration! Orange gamma stimulates diligence and creativity, as well as helps to get rid of stress. ideally!
    Combination of colors in the interior
  12. Fish - blue
    For sensitive fish blue, blue, purple colors - the best find. The abode of fish will be harmonious and inspiring, if you decorate it in the tones of water and cosmos. A subtle nature requires beauty around!
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Tell your favorite friends about what colors suit them. Many do not think about such trifles, and absolutely in vain! You should not miss a single opportunity to achieve personal happiness ...