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Decoupage of the table

Especially for all fans to apply their imagination in the most unexpected places, as well as fighters for the second, third, fifth life of various interior items "so simple!" Prepared an amazing idea Renovation of furniture.

How to update the table

If the theme of decor and needlework is not alien to you, then for sure you are already familiar with Decoupage technique, When with the help of paper napkin and glue of pv can create incredible beauty on any surface.

Decoupage technique

The principle of this trend in decoration is at the heart of our furniture rework. Old table Will look completely different!

Decoupage of the table

You will need

  • table
  • A handkerchief the size a little more than a table-top (or a cut of a fabric with a bright print)
  • iron
  • PVA glue
  • Varnish for wood colorless
  • Brushes


  1. Shawl Carefully iron by iron.
  2. From the countertop, if possible, unscrew the legs: so it will be more convenient to work.
  3. With a wide brush apply PVA glue On the top side of the countertop or on the fabric (as you prefer) and carefully, trying not to stretch the picture, gluing the handkerchief to the table top.
    Decoupage technique
  4. Turn over the countertop, bend the edge of the kerchief, grease with glue and glue. Leave the product completely dry.
  5. After the glue has completely dried, cover the surface with the handkerchief several Layers of varnish, Thoroughly drying each. Assemble the structure.
    Decoupage technique

    Decoupage technique

It is best to leave the product outdoors for 3-4Day for complete weathering of the smell of varnish, and then you can enjoy a cup of tea at a brand new table. Materials at least, work too, and the result is really happy!

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