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Ancient interior

Our editors were fascinated by one house thatIs in the state of oregan. In 1979, his mistress was almin barton. For 40 years, she was engaged in the complete reconstruction of all premises, and chose the era of the revival. The house looks very out of the blue. You can safely pass by and not find out what it hides inside the whole era.


Ancient interior

You open the door and endure in the age of rebirth. all Wall decoration materials And the furniture was brought from Europe.

Room interior

The mistress of the house demolished the partitions on the first floor to enlarge the living room area. In her opinion, every corner of the room should be a work of art.

home interior

Interior of the hall

During the Second World War, stained glassLancaster cathedral were taken out of their native city. Later they were randomly found in the attic of one of the London houses. Now they decorate this magnificent mansion.

Interior of the hallway

The dining room is clearly inspiring to eat! Two chairs, designed for places of honor at the table, can boast 400 years of history. The other six chairs arrived from the 1700s. The upholstery is matched to the color of the carpet and curtains.

kitchen interier

The table set was purchased in Europe. Each plate costs 150 dollars!

Kitchen set

kitchen, The length of which is about 13.7 meters, is sheathedPanels made of birch. In the center there is a library table in 1800 ... at the same time the landlady did not forget about the amenities and installed all the necessary modern equipment in the kitchen.

Vintage kitchen interior

The kitchen fireplace is made of wood, which is used for making violins. As a rule, it is boxwood and a black or pink tree.

Antique interior with your own hands

Thickness of the kitchen door 7.6 centimeters! It is decorated with decorative Spanish loops.

Antique interior of the house

Almin did not forget about the guests. According to the hostess, the chest at the foot of the bed was made in the beginning of the xi century. In addition, the guest is decorated with a single-color factory carpet that is unique in the house.

Interior of an old room

Bathroom for guests is decorated with a refined theatrical curtain.

Ancient interior items

The bedroom of the hostess is distinguished not only by a large bed, but also by a chic Ceiling painting. Painting, the length of which is 4.3 meters, and width is 2.3 meters, fixed on a thin aluminum sheet and mounted in the ceiling.

The master bathroom is decorated with a Victorian library table. It also features a painted ceiling with gold medallions.

Bathroom interior

Interior antique style

But not all rooms of the house plunged into those delightful times. The living room and the office bring us back to the usual XXI Century With all its attributes: computer, TV and blinds.

Modern interior with elements of classics

Modern interior of the house

On the example of his unusual house, almin barton proved that it is possible to be transported to the past. A wonderful example of how Make a dream come true!! Even if it takes 40 years.

Be inspired by this house and know that everything is real. The main thing is to clearly follow your goals!

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