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Decor ideas for yourself

Crafts for decoration by own hands - this is always a very exciting activity. And most importantly - you can create completely unique things without spending huge amounts of money.

Our editorial board will share with you ideasFestive decorations and tell you how to create a very stylish and multifunctional stand. It can be used to store accessories and other things, as a candlestick or just for decorating a dressing table.

The new year is just around the corner, and we decided to offer a couple of festive decor options.

Take pine cones and small pots forPlants or silicone molds for cakes. Fix each bump in the container with glue. Color the cone with green paint and decorate the edges with glitter or silver paint. Fasten the star to the top. Mini Christmas tree is ready!

It can be placed in a car or simply arrange such Christmas trees around the house.

Make a very sweet garland: Fasten small bumps on a rope or thin strips of a tissue bag. You can add beads or other shiny objects. The garland will create a very cozy homely atmosphere.

Using the cinnamon sticks can be doneNatural flavored candle. Place a regular candle in a tall glass or a small glass vase. Around her, spread out cinnamon sticks. To make the mood even more festive, you can add bits of orange peel.

Decorating ideas with your own hands

You will need

  • twine
  • PVA glue
  • balloons
  • scissors
  • Big needle
  • Aerosol paint
  • Beads or other items for decoration


  1. Inflate the balloon. Be guided by the fact that the volume of the future stand is half the ball.
  2. Push one end of the twine into the eye of a gypsy (big) needle. Then pierce the bottle with the glue of the pv and stretch the twine through it, as shown in the picture. You will no longer need a needle.
  3. Wrap the ball with glue. The density of the layers depends on the desired result. Leave the bead for a while until the glue dries. Then pierce the ball with a needle and get it through the hole.
  4. Cut the ball in half. Threads that will stick out need to be carefully removed or refilled inside.
  5. Decorate the stand with beads or other objects. A simple version of the stand is ready. It is perfect for Storage of jewelry.
  6. For a more stylish and festive option, paint the product with an aerosol paint of silver or golden color.
  7. This option creates a romantic atmosphere and perfectly suits as a stand under the candlestick. Will be very nice if you put a stand near the tree.

Experiment with the density and color of the stand. Involve in the process of decorating family members - it is very close.

As a bonus, we give you a video in which you will see also the wonderful idea of ​​decorating a photo frame.

Create in your home an atmosphere of coziness and holiday! Share your ideas with your friends!