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Ideas for home decoration

Everyone here will find something for themselves! Believe me, with changes in the home, there are changes in life.

Surrounding yourself so adorable Objects for interior decoration, It's hard to be in a bad mood!

Home decoration ideas for your home

  1. That's how you can use children's toys that bore the child! Collapsible dinosaur, painted with gold paint from a can, turned into a unique candlestick.

    I already have in mind a couple of such unnecessary toys ... so it will look like mine New Year's decor of the house this year.

    Decorating ideas with your own hands

  2. A great idea to create an improved hanger! I often break wooden hangers, and that's how you can use them ...
    Decor ideas with your own hands photo

    On the upper bar it is recommended to cling handkerchiefs, scarves and hats!
    Decorating ideas with your own hands
  3. Stand for beer cans, Glasses and cups of vinyl records! It's enough just to cut the record and everything is ready. Looks stylish! So that the edges of the supports are not sharp, they can be slightly melted over the fire.
    Decor with own hands
  4. Vinyl has a low melting point, it is extremely pliable material. So if you have old records, you are the owner of the treasure!

    You can do a tricky trick. Place the plate on a plate of suitable dimensions from a material that will not be damaged in the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and safely send the design there. When the vinyl warms up, give the plate the shape of a candy dish.

    Such a saucer of vinyl can be paintedAcrylic paints. It turns out great! It is not necessary to heat the plate in the oven - you can simply hold it over the fire of the plate until soft or dip into hot water before work.

    Decor with own hands from improvised materials

    How to decorate a house

    Inspires ...
    Simple home decoration

  5. An idea for handmade fans. Need a simple fittings, and decorations of vinyl ready.
    Ideas for home decor

    How to decorate a house with your own hands
  6. Now all lovers of indoor plants will be happy! flower pots - they never happen a lot. Plants require constant transplantation, which is only small cacti ... if you have records, you can make nice pots for a variety of greenery. Even a hole for water supply inside will already be!
    Simple ideas for home
  7. That's how it's done in two counts!

  8. Wall Clock. It is enough to buy a cheap clockwork, apply a little imagination, and a unique thing is ready.
    Home decorating

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  9. Vinyl can be used for Unusual table layout.
    Simple home decor photo

    Idea for a self-made napkin!
    Ideas for decorating a house photo

    this Stand for bottles!!
    Home decor ideas
  10. great coffee table, Creating the mood to create ...
    Home decorating
  11. So you can hide the sockets from the children and successfully fit them into the interior. The idea is brilliant!
    How to decorate a house
  12. Puff from old magazines! The same is easily done from books.
    Simple ideas for decorating a house
  13. A flower pot of a truck! Children's toys are even better than they seem. Grown-up children will appreciate.
    How can you decorate a house

  14. Completely inappropriate, at first glance, things can be used to transform the interior, and a miracle is born ...
    Ideas for home decoration
  15. So you can hide the wires from charging and get a chic wooden Stand for any gadget!! Just a piece of wood, varnished ...
    How to decorate a house photo

these Home decoration ideas Very unpretentious, to make any thing simple, there would be a desire. But even such unpretentious things will create a cozy atmosphere in the house, they will bring sincerity to the interior.

I really want to know if you liked our ideas for creativity! Write in the comments, what do you think about this. And do not forget to show what you liked, your loved ones!