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Puppies from socks

Everyone knows what they are for socks. But this wardrobe item can be used not only for its intended purpose! "so simple!" Will tell you how to make lovely dolls from kapron socks: a miracle from practically nothing.

How to sew a doll from socks

Such toys are made in Technology of textile plastics, When using stitches on a simple toe, you can create an expressive face with natural wrinkles.

Baby pu socks

To sew a sweet toy, use itInstructions below. You will see that it is absolutely easy! I note that as a filler it is better to use holofayber: only it provides the doll with the necessary plasticity and facial expression.

You will need

  • Capron sock
  • Filler (holofiber)
  • Colored sock (can be child)
  • Needle, thread, scissors
  • Beads


  1. Cut off the sock elastic.
    How to sew a doll from socks
  2. From the gum will get a nice spout. Prishey it to the toe, already filled with holofayberom.
    How to sew a doll from socks
  3. The top of the sock is threaded. Visually separate 3/4 of the sock, move as much filler as possible. It will be a head. Tighten the sock tightly with a thread.
    How to sew a doll from socks
  4. Distribute hollofayber evenly on the bottom of the sock, stitch the knobs and legs of the baby.
    How to sew a doll from socks
  5. Cut the colored toe, as shown in the picture. Fold with a rubber band and fold it on the navel.
    How to sew a doll from socks
  6. To simulate the sleeves and collar, sewing the toe to the handles and under the neck of the puppet. Get a collar-yoke!
    How to sew a doll from socks
  7. Walk with a needle and thread in that part of the colorSock, where is the factory seam. A little thread and fix the thread. Cut and tuck this part: you will get a hat. Eyes and mouth baby can be done with the help of beads or paint with acrylic paint.
    How to sew a doll from socks

If you are interested in this technique of making toys, watch a video tutorial with various variations of this craft!

Manufacture of hosiery dolls - extraordinaryAn exciting lesson! Having mastered the basics, you can proceed to a more complex technique. Unique products from a minimum of materials will become both amusing gifts, and excellent toys for the child, and simply original works of needlework.

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