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How to make a shelf with your own hands

What can you do from old things? Such a question we often ask, especially if they were a gift from a loved one and throw them very sorry. Today "so simple!" Tells you how you can use unnecessary belts in the interior.

If you have a lot of belts that you do not already wear, you can revive Coffee table by one's own hands, When his glass broke or the table top was damaged. Just simply tightly wrap the strap around the top of the table. It turns out very cute.

Crafts from belts

Broken old chairs, you can also give a new life. Great idea for giving!

Crafts from leather belts

Leather straps can be used instead of Handles for kitchen furniture. very original!

From old belts

But if you do not use leather belts that you do not use anymore, we suggest making a very Stylish shelf. It will be appropriate in any interior, and you will spend very little energy and money.

How to use old straps

How to make a shelf with your own hands

You will need

  • 2 boards of the desired length and width
  • 2 straps
  • Varnish for wood
  • 6 nails
  • a hammer
  • Ruler
  • pencil


  1. Prepare the boards for applying varnish or paint: remove the roughness, if any, and apply impregnation to the wood.
    Belt from belts
  2. Treat the wood with varnish, paint or glaze. Choose what you like best! Can be applied with a brush to create a dense coating or a sponge to create patterns.
    A regiment with own hands from improvised materials
  3. Now the game comes in belts. Cut off their buckles and pointed tip.
    Regiment with one's own hands
  4. Cut the straps in half.
    A shelf on the balcony with your own hands
  5. In the end you get 4 leather strips.
    Magazine shelf
  6. Measure from both sides on the board 4 cm from the edge and put the mark in pencil.
    Self-made regiment
  7. Fasten one of the leather strips on the mark, as shown in the picture.
    Shelves with their own hands from improvised means
  8. Attach to the straps with four small nails and a hammer.
    Small regiment with own hands
  9. Nail the shelf to the wall. Do the second in the same way. We advise you to nail several, then they look harmonious and very stylish.
    A shelf on the wall with your own hands
  10. Do not hesitate in the strength of the mount. The boards will withstand loads of many items.
    Hanging shelf with own hands

In this case there is no limit to imagination! You can make shelves of different lengths and from different materials. For example, for books you can not even use a tree.


We also give you a video in which you can see the whole process of creating wonderful shelves!

Tell us in the comments what kind of crafts you create from old things, and do not forget to share our ideas with your friends!