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How to make a snowflake from paper

Apart from Christmas Tree Decoration, It is very important to create a holiday atmosphere throughout the house. It can be not only purchased garlands and snowmen, but also very beautiful hand-made toys.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell and show you how to make a beautiful volumetric snowflake. With its help you can decorate any interior, whether it is a house or an office.

How to make a three-dimensional snowflake from paper

You will need

  • 7 identical paper bags
  • 1 sheet of cardboard
  • double sided tape
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • 2 strips of cardboard 2 × 10 cm
  • Stapler
  • thread


  1. Draw and cut Cardboard template. It must match the size of the packets. You can use our sketch.
  2. Transfer the sketch to each paper bag.
  3. Very carefully cut - it will depend on the final result. In the end, you should get seven pieces.
  4. Now on one part of the package sticking tape on the vertical and horizontal. Put the second part on top and press it tight. Do this with all the elements.
  5. Once again, press on the received design so that all parts are well sealed.
  6. Apply a strip of glue vertically on the top side and paste a strip of cardboard.
  7. Do the same on the other side.
  8. Wait a couple of minutes until the glue dries. Take the figure with your hands on both sides and straighten it. magic!
  9. Scrap the sides with a stapler.
  10. Ready! Attach the thread and the suspender to a snowflake anywhere.

You can experiment with colors and sizes, decorate with sequins or other objects. In this case you will be able to show your creative abilities to the maximum!

We give you a video in which you can discover some more ideas for creating wonderful snowflakes.

Be inspired by new creations. Wonderful holidays to you, and do not forget to share the instruction with your friends!