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How to make a Christmas wreath

New Year holidays are getting closer. You, of course, will soon begin to decorate the tree and decorate your house, and maybe already did it. But in order to Christmas miracle Did not pass by your house, it is necessary Decorate the door Dwellings.

Today edition "so simple!" Tell you, How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands Of Christmas balls and a hanger. It turns out fabulously beautiful!

Christmas wreath at the door

How to make a Christmas wreath

You will need

  • A wire hanger (if you do not, you can take a thick wire)
  • Christmas decorations
  • Nippers
  • Tapes
  • Rain

Christmas wreath with own hands


  1. First you need to separate the hanger near the hook.
    Christmas wreath do it yourself
  2. Give it a circle shape.
    Christmas wreath at the door with your own hands
  3. String the Christmas balls on the wire. It is better to use toys Different shapes and colors - so it turns out much more interesting. It is not necessary to take new balls, it is possible to paint with an aerosol paint old.
    Christmas wreath of rain with your own hands
  4. Thus a very large decoration is obtained.
    Make a Christmas wreath at home
  5. Filling the balls with the whole circle, twist the top.
    Christmas wreath with Christmas balls
  6. Now proceed to decorating the wreath. You can wrap it with rain or coniferous branches.
    Christmas Wreath Procurement
  7. Tie the ribbons at the top of the ribbon.
    Christmas wreath how to make
  8. Use a clipper to remove the hook. And in place of it, attach a securely strong tape. You can leave the hook, if beautifully decorated: wind with rain or shiny ribbons.
    Christmas Wreath Master Class video
  9. Here we have such an ornament!
    Christmas Wreath Description
  10. Thus, you can make not only a wreath for the door, but also a very Stylish decor element.
    Christmas wreath on the table with your own hands

You can experiment with decorations forWreath. You can wrap old toys with a thread, use bumps, cinnamon sticks, bells, beads and even sweets. In any case it turns out very nicely.

Christmas wreath craft

And now watch the video to once again see the whole process of creating a fairy-tale wreath to decorate the front door.

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