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How to make a snowflake

The fact that the window is snowing for a month already does not mean that it's too late to cut snowflakes. On the contrary, it's time to do festive decorations! Homemade snowflakes Create a unique fabulous atmosphere.

Paper snowflake

Beautiful three-dimensional snowflake

For our master class we took white paper and a certain number of sheets, but creativity is an individual matter, and everyone can pick up their color for New Year's decorations.

You will need

  • 6 square sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Ruler
  • glue

Volumetric snowflake in stages


  1. Let's get down to creativity! Take the first sheet and fold it diagonally.
    How to make a snowflake from paper

    Now fold diagonally again. This stage is very important! Make sure that all the folds are even, because it depends on the shape of your snowflake!
    Paper snowflake own hands
  2. You need a ruler and a pencil to drawThe resulting triangle into strips. Be sure to step back 1 cm from the fold! The number of bands depends only on their thickness and the size of the triangle. We made 6 strips of 1 cm. Use large sheets if you want to get a bigger snowflake.
    A big snowflake made of paper
  3. Use the scissors and cut the triangle along the lines. Chick-chic-chic!
    Snowflakes at home
  4. Erase the contours of the lines from the pencil and unfold the triangle. Do you see? Already begins to work out something! Do the same with the other sheets of paper. Br-rr, it becomes cold, or is it just us?
    Snowflakes for home
  5. Glue and glue again! Start with the internal stripes and glue the two opposite angles as shown in the photo.
    To make a snowflake

    Press the paper well and allow the glue to dry. For convenience, you can use a pencil, so as not to rub the strips with your fingers.
    Cut snowflake from paper
  6. Now turn the snowflake and do the same with the next strip.
    Snowflakes for home

    Then turn again and take a third. Continue turning and gluing until the strips are over. In the end you should get here so beautiful Winter figure.
    Winter decoration
  7. Make such elegant figures from other sheets of paper.
    Crafts at home with their own hands
  8. It's time to put them together! Arrange the figures in a circle, gluing to one axis, and press down until the glue dries.
    Home-made paper products

    So the figures one by one will close in a circle, and it will turn out Interesting snowflake. Unlike those that fall outside the window, it will give you warmth and comfort.
    Home decoration

Check yourself and look at making a snowflake from start to finish in one video.

Although this decoration looks complicated, the process is quite simple. You can add sparkles, paint and make a hook to hang a paper beauty in a prominent place.

Such a snowflake is beautiful New Year's decoration of the hall!! And who said that the snowflake should be one? Use and other ideas how to decorate the house with paper snowflakes! And do not forget to share with your friends the festive mood and this article.