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Exercises for the press and back

if you want to Strengthen the abdominal muscles and back, Then you will need this exercise. It is highly effective, and completely uncomplicated. The main thing is this exercise does not overload the lower back.

To carry it out, you need a chair. He will keep his feet bent at right angles. Those who have already tried on a similar Training, Marks its effectiveness. Plus we suggest that you learn how to relieve tension in your back after classes!

Exercise for the back and the press

Home exercise

Lie on your back, put your feet on a chair, get your hands behindHead or stretch along the body. Lift the body a little. Load should be transferred to the press as much as possible. Do these exercises at an average pace every day.

first week: 2 approaches 10 times. Rest 1 minute.

Second week: 3 approaches 16 times. Rest between sets of 45 seconds.

The third week: 4 approaches 20 times each. Rest 30 seconds.

To relieve tension in the back, Stay in the same position. Relax your arms and shoulders. Slowly breathe in the air through your nose, breathe out through your nose as well. When breathing in, the belly should puff up like a balloon, do not strain it. On exhalation, draw in the belly. Do a short breathing delay. Then slowly exhale.

This exercise will relieve tension from the muscles of the back after excessive loading ... share with your friends this useful information, they will be grateful to you!