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How to decorate felt boots

History of boots Begins with iv century BC: About this period the products from felted wool, found during excavations of the Pazyrlyk burial mound on the Altai, date. One of the first written mentions of "felt boots" is made in "the word about the regiment of Igorev."

How to wear boots

There are many factories and factories specializing in the production of felt boots. Warm and soft Shoes made of felt Still in demand and more and more coming into fashion.

Fashionable felt boots

Traditional shoes can only conquer moisture,But it's easy to cope with, choosing felt boots on rubber soles or wearing galoshes. The second option looks, of course, not so aesthetically, but in the village you can afford it!

How to decorate boots

But as with conventional boots it is possible to make a unique design thing! See the master class from "so simple!".

You will need

  • PVA glue
  • Acrylic paint for fabric
  • Brushes
  • marker
  • iron
  • gauze
  • Tracing paper
  • Remnant


  1. That part of the felt boots, which you plan to paint,Cover glue with pva. It is necessary to do this so that the paint is not absorbed into the material and falls flat on the hairy surface. When the glue is completely dry, use a wipe or pencil to make a drawing.
    How to decorate boots
  2. Draw the contours of the drawing with a thin brush (either with a black pencil or with a special paint for the contours on the fabric). Copy the picture onto the tracing paper and mirror it on the second felt boots.
    How to decorate boots
  3. Color picture. Leave the felt boots for 5-8 hours. Then carefully iron them (without steam!) Through gauze or thin fabric. After drying, acrylics become more saturated color.
    How to decorate boots
  4. Now the product is not afraid of snow, dirt and moisture, and after 2 days they can be washed without fear!

And here are some more ideas for inspiration from "so simple!" Look how beautiful the craftsmen are!

How to decorate boots

A wonderful gift

How to decorate boots

On a black background the painting looks very impressive!

How to decorate boots

Boots for special occasions ...

How to decorate boots

The decoration for gzhel is complemented with ribbons and beads. Felt miracle ...

How to decorate boots

But boots for men!

How to decorate boots

Embroidery on felt boots looks amazing.

How to decorate boots

So that when the frost burns his cheeks and bites his heels, do not be shy, put on your painted felt boots! And you will preserve health and beauty will rejoice ...

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