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Women's Knitted Vest

To wear Beautiful knitted things, Does not necessarily have to be complicated with patterns of complex patterns and patterns. And this model from "so simple!" - To that confirmation!

Simple vest knitting

Women's knitted vest

Two webs, the same size, are fastened along the shoulder line. On the sides the product is connected by buttons, which also serve as decorative elements.

Simple vest knitting

This vest can be knit and crocheted, and knitting: To whom as it is more convenient. The dimensions of the product can not be easily calculated: it's enough to tie the control pattern of the canvas (10 cm wide) and calculate how many loops went into this segment. Multiply the resulting number of loops by the desired number of centimeters of the width of the future waistcoat.

Simple vest knitting

Looks great both on small, and on adult women of fashion.

Simple vest knitting

It would seem, elementary, but it looks quite dignified! Ideal model for the cold season.

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