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Wives by the sign of the zodiac

Who is the best woman and wife in the universe? The answer is obvious, but still! Let's see what the stars will say about it.

Redaction "so simple!" I found out who The best wife on the zodiac sign, And with which young lady you need to be more careful ...

Wives on the zodiac sign

12th place - Scorpion

Fucking beautiful, insanely attractive andA very clever scorpion woman - the worst wife in the world. Because a man who takes her as a wife, sells himself into real slavery! Without a doubt, to serve such a precious lady is honorable and pleasant, but as long as you become accustomed to her complex character, you will manage to earn a bald spot, erectile dysfunction and old age pension.

Perfect wife by the sign of the zodiac

11th place - fish

To marry a fish is like having a kitten, becauseBenefit from it as much. Fish - creatures unearthly and attractive. If the woman-fish will be in a good mood, it can be cuddled on the handles. For some mysterious reason, the representatives of the stronger sex fall into a fanatical dependence on this sign of the zodiac. And if some daredevil manages to break off relations with the fish - life becomes meaningless and empty.

The best wife on the zodiac sign

10th place - the lion

The bravest go to fight with the lions. The lion wife as an expensive showcase - she has the most beautiful jewelry, the best cars and all the very, very. It all depends on the appetite of the beast of prey. Theoretically, it is possible to divorce a predator, but practically - after a divorce all women seem boring and pale copies. But for the content of another lioness, there is no longer any money, ha!

Wife by the sign of the zodiac

9th place - Sagittarius

Wife Satan. All that she needs is your immortal soul. As the wife will say, so it will be, always. If you dare disobey, you will burn forever in hell.

The best wife on the zodiac sign

8 place - twins

The most dangerous kind of wife. She knows who her husband really is. And you can not hide anything, do not even try! Her keen eye will not miss anything, so put this pechenyushku in place, you're already so fat.

What kind of wife are you on the zodiac sign

7th place - Aries

Very interesting kind of wife. She - the best that could happen to her man, in this wife-Aries is convinced by 100%! She will fight until the last, but her husband will re-educate. And in favor of the latter.

What kind of wife are you on the zodiac sign

6 place - scales

Skillful culinary, beauty, excellentMistress - yes, it's a wife-weights. A dream, right? But only in those days when her Majesty is supportive of goodness and tenderness. All the rest of his free time scales are devoted to scandals, hysterics and endless eating of another's liver.

The horoscope of the wife

5 place - the virgin

Wife-deva is a wonderful companion, best friend andComrade-in-arms. I am convinced that the couple should look in one direction, and in the one that the virgin herself chooses. The leader in the pack, too, will be she. Formally the leader is here, but the wolf-maiden takes full responsibility. And if you hear in response to the offer of the hand and the heart: "I'll think about it" - run, brother!

Rating of the most faithful wives in the zodiac

4 place - Taurus

On such a young lady you should marry, if you are veryCheerful and not very rich. She will not back down until she grows a successful man out of you, but all the joy from you somewhere will evaporate. But if you think that flying for the hundredth time in your head service - it's still just as fun, then dare!

Wife by the sign of the zodiac

3 place - Capricorn

The ideal man should be the ideal husbandWomen, everything is elementary! In the choice of a partner, the ibexes are guided by the benefits and benefits, and not by some kind of love. And if the Capricorn woman has chosen you, you are the lucky one for the rest of your days. Though if you do not screw up ...

Perfect wife in the zodiac

2 place - Aquarius

An honorable second place goes to the Aquarius. Eternally young laughter, airy and gentle, this young lady is the dream of any man. True, chasing your happiness you have very hard, because persuading her to marry - the task is not easy.

The best wife on the zodiac sign

1 place - cancer

Family for cancer above all! It's a sin to complain to this young lady. She is clever, and beautiful, and behind the house ideally looks after, and loves relatives of the husband. Well, what is not a dream? Because family is the main thing. So do not even dare neglect your family responsibilities, otherwise you will get what you deserve! And do not be sorry that I did not marry any maid ... you can not!

Wife by the sign of the zodiac

This horoscope is comic and you should not take it to heart. But there is a grain of truth in every joke, is not it?