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Table top for kitchen by own hands

One man for 5 years did not throw out Bottle caps. He collected lids from water, beer and otherBeverages. When his collection became big enough, he decided to combine creativity and diligence to make a very stylish countertop for the bar in the kitchen.

Redaction "so simple!" Inspired such an interesting idea, and we decided to tell you how it was implemented. It's so simple that it's hard to believe at first. And once again proves that there are no unnecessary things.

Kitchen countertop

You will need

  • Boards or DCS
  • Varnish or paint for wood
  • Epoxy resin
  • Curing agent for epoxy resin


  1. This man began by sorting out the covers by colors. We advise you to do the same to achieve a beautiful gradient effect as a result.
  2. Made of boards.
  3. Cut the workpiece with varnish or wood paint.
  4. Set the countertop on the bar. You can cover the bottom of the rack with the same paint or varnish.
  5. But now the fun begins. Start spreading the caps. This is a very laborious work.
  6. The author of the idea laid out the color composition in the form of a gradient. You can do this according to the colors of the rainbow or play in contrast.
  7. After you lay all the covers on the countertop, they need to be poured with a special solution to achieve a smooth glossy finish. For this mix Transparent epoxy resin And hardener, these funds can be purchased at any construction store. Proportions depend on the manufacturer.
  8. Fill the surface with a uniform thin layer, so that there are no omissions.
  9. That's what happens as a result. super!

At first glance, a foolish hobby in the form of collection of lids from bottles turned into a very Beautiful table tops. On this principle, you can make a coffee table, and a picture. Instead of covers you can use coins or other small items.

Share the idea with your friends and tell us in the comments, are you keen on collecting unusual items!