/ How to Make Beautiful Makeup

How to Make Beautiful Makeup

It happens that the invitation to an event comes suddenly, and the time for collection is very limited. but Look like a million Really want to! And that's not to mention that it's always necessary to be beautiful.

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you how in 15 minutes to make yourself a candy, using the most ordinary Cosmetic products: Foundation, liner, shadows, mascara, lipstick and powder.

How to make beautiful makeup

  1. A pledge of every make-up - Prepared skin. Make a moisturizing mask or moisturize the skinJust before make-up. Apply tonal cream the most convenient for you method: a brush - a dense coating, sponge - a thin coating, and adjust the fingers yourself.
  2. Make a couple of smears with the concealer under the eyes in the formTriangle to hide dark circles and give the face freshness. In order to achieve the effect of the photophobic face, apply to the skin in the areas where the concealer is applied and the t-zone if you have oily skin, powdery powder in a thick layer. Baby powder for this case, too, will do.
  3. Approach the eyes. Always select a crease over the upper eyelid with brown shadows or a sculptor. Further apply to the mobile eyelid golden shadows with the effect of the foil. If there are none, do not despair. Just apply the usual shade or pigment, slightly moistening the brush.
  4. Draw neat arrows and glue the eyelashes or just stain your eyes with mascara in several layers.
  5. Add a highlighter or light shiny fine shadows to the top of your cheekbones.
  6. Make up the lips with red lipstick, make the center of the lips lighter. Ready!

It turns out very feminine makeup! It will suit women Any color. And most importantly, it is light in performance and does not create a plaster effect. Admire how this girl dexterously does a perfect make-up. Sure, it will inspire you to beauty.

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